Pumpkins For Sale

Did you know you can buy your pumpkins at Kingswood!? Spread the word! There are volunteers outside at Kingswood selling pumpkins the days listed below. Also note that if a volunteer isn’t outside, you can buy pumpkins Mon-Fri from 9am-3:30pm by coming into the church office and requesting the assistance of the church staff.

 Oct. 17th 4-8pm
Oct. 18th 4-8pm
Oct. 19th 4-8pm
Oct 20th 4-8pm
Oct 21st 4-8pm
Oct. 22nd 10am-6pm
Oct 23rd 10am-8pm
Oct 24th 3-8pm
Oct. 25th 3-4pm
Oct 26th 4-8pm
Oct 27th 4-8pm
Oct. 28th 10am-1pm
*We will be selling until Oct. 29th, more hours and days will be published later.*